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Reviews From People About Uptown Lowdown jazz band

Reviews From People About Uptown Lowdown jazz band

The uptown lowdown was really wonderful. Our guests loved them. Little kids, the older folk, and everyone in between really enjoyed listening to and dancing to these guys. They were very open to requests, although we didn’t want anything aside from their own great tunes. I highly recommend this band! Wedding Reception – Comforts of Whidbey Winery Langley, WA 7/15/17

Reviews From People About Uptown Lowdown jazz band

Reviews From People About Uptown Uptown Lowdown

Everyone enjoyed the music and I am delighted with their music and grateful for their patience with us as we had a lot going on with the party and entertainment for our guests! We had such a fun time with their music. They are very professional and hiring them was worth every penny, and this is a direct quote from my mother who is 94 years old and danced her heart out along with the rest of us! You won’t be disappointed hiring them! Thank you so much! K. Austin Gatsby Birthday party 5/6/17

They were absolutely wonderful! They played my mom’s memorial service. She’d been a fan of theirs and loved Dixieland Jazz. They set just the right tone for a church service and the reception afterwards. They listened to my requests (they actually asked me the questions that prompted my requests) and took it from there. Everyone loved it and several people comment that they want them to play their memorial services, too. My mom would have loved it! It kept it from feeling somber. Totally professional. Wonderful people! Feb 2017 Memorial in Ocean Shores, WA

These guys are fantastic. Wonderful and stress-free from booking till the end of the event. We had them out for our wedding 7/2/16. It was a summer night on a lake. The music couldn’t have matched better. Kids dancing and much celebrating made better by the Jazz. Worth way more than the charged Rate. Don’t hesitate to have them play any event where quality jazz and professional service is required. Seth July 2016

Other Reviews About Them

Uptown Lowdown Jazz was the perfect compliment to our Change of Command celebration! The communication from the group was outstanding as well as the performance! Everything was above and beyond any expectations we had and we were given multiple compliments from guests about the ensembles performance! I would recommend Uptown Lowdown Jazz Co to anyone looking for a classy and professional live jazz band. Captain Whidbey Inn June 2016

Uptown Lowdown Jazz played our company holiday party. Our party had a Great Gatsby theme so we asked the band to play 1920s jazz music. They not only played great music to fit the theme but also came dressed in gold bow ties! The band was fantastic and I received rave reviews all night! Erin P. – Watchguard Holiday Party Dec 4, 2015

These guys are pros and so easy to work with! My guests adored them and had a blast, book with confidence!

Jenifer S Wedding & Reception 11/06/15 Seattle, WA
Hi Bert,

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that you guys were perfect last night. I couldn’t walk two feet without someone stopping me and to tell me how great you guys were. I couldn’t be happier. It was a pleasure to meet you and I hope that we can work together again. Have a great holiday season and happy new year. Thanks again!

Angie – Workplace Experience Coordinator POP Agency Holiday Party 12/05/14

We would hire this band again in an instant! We got so many guests tell us that they simply loved the band. They are also the most friendly people we’ve met and they are able to play all the music we’ve special requested them from perfectly to the tee!!! Kids and adults will love this band! We also LOVED the band! Very professional and classy. ūüôā

Nora N. Wedding & Reception July 2014

History of the Uptown Lowdown Jazz Band

History of the Uptown Lowdown Jazz Band

Uptown Lowdown Jazz Band is a band from Bellevue, Washington which has a flow of modern jazz music which at times has a lot of fans, Uptown Lowdown jazz band was founded in 1971 by a man named Bert Barr.

History of the Uptown Lowdown Jazz Band

History of the Uptown Lowdown Jazz Band

Bert Barr was one of the people who built uptown lowdown jazz which was inspired by one of the famous jazz bands at the time, Turk Murphy, who at that time was one of the best and famous jazz bands in the United States.

After seeing Turk Murphy perform at a place called Earthquake McGoon’s, Bert Barr wanted to build a jazz band with excellent quality so that he could make jazz music favorite among the world’s musicians by making various types of jazz songs that were very diverse and of high quality.

Most of the jazz from the uptown lowdown is enjoyed by those who understand jazz music which is very thick so that they can find out the best quality jazz music in the world, one of which is the band founded by the barr, the Uptown Lowdown jazz band.

As time went on and they released several high quality songs about jazz music, the uptown lowdown continued to be famous among jazz musicians. so that they are often found in various occasions in jazz music events or other events.

Historical Journey In 1990

After they had been known and continued to perform concerts from 1971, in 1990 they experienced the peak in their career by successfully appearing in 28 festivals that year in various cities in America and even around the world.

Not only that, in that year the uptown lowdown jazz band also succeeded in attracting pop music lovers to love and love jazz music because they succeeded in creating jazz with a pop theme that made them like and accepted by pop music lovers in America.

In that year they also got some valuable lessons, namely by releasing various single songs which until now have become favorites for the American community in particular and for the world community in general.