About Us


Seattle’s Uptown Lowdown Jazz Band specializes in authentic sounding Dixieland jazz and ragtime, serving clients and jazz fans since 1971. The band in that span of time has performed in every way imaginable – from the grand opening of the Kingdome to the final beam raising of the Westin Hotel. They have performed 6:00 AM wake up music for sales meetings and rallies to company picnics and cruises on Puget Sound. If you need music for any business or company event, go to their Bands page. Uptown Lowdown will add pizzazz to any business function.

If your are a concert promoter or festival director, Uptown Lowdown has custom presentations. Specialties include jazz history concerts, gospel services, and tributes to major composers including Louis Armstrong, Jelly Roll Morton, King Oliver and Sidney Bechet. For more information please go to the Uptown Lowdown Jazz Band and Uptown “Lite” page.

If your needs are private such as weddings, receptions, anniversaries, birthdays, holiday or house parties, please see the Uptown Swing & Jazz, Uptown “Lite”, Double Barrs or Piano page. Thank you and remember – “Live Music Is Best”.

Uptown Swing & Jazz & Uptown “Lite” are satellite groups, conceived after years of performances in every type of venue. A s mentioned previously, it apparent that all businesses and clients don’t need the same size band or require the same sound.

Uptown Swing & Jazz provides various styles and sounds other than Dixieland and can provide groups from solo piano, duos & trios that have a light, swingy sound to groups that have a hot big band swing sound. In addition to the Ragtime and Dixieland that ULJB is famous for, Uptown Swing & Jazz plays the music well into the next decades with hot Swing and dance standards from the 1930’s & 40’s.