Uptown Swing & Jazz  delivers total versatility and good value while fulfilling your musical needs. Whether those needs are a band   for a wedding reception, a grand opening, a house party or corporate event, they deliver.




            Hear Uptown Swing:     Route 66        At Last         Pennsylvania 6-5000


                     Thirty plus years in the business assures you  a  professional experience.

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Trio:  For smaller settings and budgets, the trio is the perfect answer. Consisting of piano, trumpet/drums and bass, all the elements of music are            retained within the framework of the group. Plenty of rhythm, bass and melody. This little combo can fit into about any setting. Piano available if needed at no ext                                              

Quartet: The quartet adds another dimension to the trio, the swingy sound of the alto saxophone which compliments the trumpet melody with a nice counterpoint line. With two melody instruments, the group takes on a fuller "big band" sound.  The quartet is perfect for the medium sized party or event of any kind. Add a guitar, trombone or another sax for a Quintet as shown in top photo.










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